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After having my son, I developed a strong interest in holistic health and natural skincare. I realized that it's not just about looking good, but also feeling good from the inside out. I wanted to take care of my skin and body in a way that was safe and healthy, without relying on harsh chemicals or complicated routines.
I started to experiment with different natural ingredients and remedies and noticed a significant improvement in my skin's health and appearance. That's when I decided to embrace a healthy lifestyle and natural skincare fully. I became passionate about educating others on the benefits of holistic health and natural skincare.
As a result, I have incorporated this philosophy into my work as an esthetician. I believe that taking care of our skin goes beyond just applying products to the surface. It's about nourishing our bodies from the inside out, using ingredients that are safe and beneficial to our health. I am committed to helping my clients achieve healthy, glowing skin by providing them with natural and effective treatments, coupled with lifestyle recommendations that promote overall well-being.


Beauty Makeup-Makeup Designory MUD LA, CA

Aesthetician Certified -Euro Institute Seattle, WA


Customer Reviews

"Kelsi does such an amazing job! My lashes always look fierce and I get compliments on them constantly. I love getting facials from her as well. This girl can do it all. Highly recommend Kelsi."

Becca C, Grass Valley,CA

"So glad I found Kelsi, she was very professional and really listened to what I wanted in my lash needs. I am super anal about how full I like them and I have been hesitant on trying them but I took a leap of faith and I LOVE my new set....she is def my girl for all my lash needs. I drive an hr to see her because I know she will do a great job! Kelsi also does facials and waxing as well. If I loved Kelsi I know you would too. She is a gem of a find."

Julia H, Lincoln, Lincoln, CA

"I cannot say enough good things about Kelsi! I had no clue where to start with my skin when I developed mask-ne .I had wasted so much money on retail products that caused my skin to flare and create more irritation, So I reached out. She assessed my skin professionally and with compassion. I appreciate that She uses quality products and is extremely attentive and informative. I’ve had many facials with her and I always feel like I’mIn great hands and leave with healthy & happy skin. As far as her lash game goes .. SHE IS THE BEST. If you can get on her books, you will not regret it! She is so talented with the shape and even has fun colors to add to enhance your natural eye color. 10/10 would recommend kelsi.b."

Nicole P, Grass Valley, CA

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