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June 2022 Estheticians Favorites

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Your favorite virtual esthetician here, !!! Bringing you my top 4 favorite products of June 2022. As we enter summer our skin's needs shift and change to accommodate the changes in weather. We are in need of more hydration, and protection. You will notice a trend with my favorite products for June 2022, being hydration and protection. There are affiliate links below within my post. It helps support my passion and business without any extra cost to you. Just follow the links below or click on the picture.

Love, Love, Love this sunscreen. Starting with the fact that it is a primer + sunscreen.

I would compare the consistency to porefessional. Makeup applies great on top of it. It's even great if you don't want to wear makeup, and it just adds a filter effect on top of the skin. Not to mention it is cruelty-free.

With this heat, we need to make sure our all-natural products stay safe and don't spoil. Plus putting your products in the fridge adds extra benefits. Try putting your eye cream in the fridge, it can help depuff those poofy eyes. Not to mention this mini fridge is so cute, sometimes I even keep my water bottle in it. I keep it in my room on my vanity. It's definitely a mini splurge, but I am obsessed.

In all honesty, my waxer recommended this product, for my Brazilian area. I tend to get a lot of ingrowns, and this has helped immensely. Plus having a multiple-use product in the shower does not hurt at all. It is also crultey free, and budget friendly.

These are my new obsession!!!! They are drops that you add to your favorite moisturizer and or body lotion. I love putting them in my favorite moisturizer because my face always tends to be a couple shades darker than my body. I also notice I tend to wear less makeup when my face is tan. I get the dark drops, and I have medium olive skin tone.


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