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July Beauty Favorites 2022

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

July has been a hot one. My monthly favorites really reflect the skin goals I had this month.

  1. Drink a gallon of water a day

  2. Red light therapy daily (I failed this one but still working on it )

  3. 15 min of unfiltered sunshine daily

  4. Be kind and gentle to my skin

  5. add more luxury into my daily skin routine

For many health reasons, drinking a gallon of water daily is beneficial. Every once in a while I find myself making this a goal because as time goes on I seem to slack a little on my water intake. I motivate myself by getting a new water bottle (it's an addiction). I love my Artic 1 gallon. I fill this up every day and use a smaller bottle to actually drink from.

This way if I leave the house. I don't lose count of how many oz I have drank. Plus it's always nice to have an extra gallon around.

Next, we have red light therapy. Now if you are a millionaire and can afford the red light panels they are amazing, and probably the most effective in all honesty. There are so many benefits to red light therapy for the skin. Reduces inflammation, promotes cell turnover, and reduces signs of aging just to name a few. When I was in the treatment room, I used this exact mask, and now I use it for myself. Next month my plan is to use it daily and see the difference that it makes.

Something that I have become completely obsessed with is my 15 min of unfiltered sunshine daily. Ask anyone, or follow my Instagram and see my daily posts about it. @kelsib.esthetics. 15 min of unfiltered sunshine is not only free, it has so many benefits not only for your skin but your health. As you can see there is a common theme for this month. It is how everything in your body is connected. If your body is healthy, your skin will be healthy as well. So I guess that puts unfiltered sunshine as my 3rd favorite.

Coming in 4th, this month it was one of my intentions to take 30 mins a day to pamper myself. As a new mom it can sometimes be hard to find the time. But I promise you won't regret it. I typically took my 30 min during baby boys nap time, or after he goes down to bed.

There are a couple of ways I pamper myself, a face mask once a week, a guasha stone massage, great for lymphatic drainage. I put on some spa music and give myself a facial. I guarantee you won't regret it if you try. While pampering myself more, I have found adding in luxury to my daily routine has given me a new sense of self. What is adding luxury you may ask? Well, it's many things. It's getting good quality skincare. A skincare routine only has to be 3-4 products to truly be effective. It is paying attention to ingredient lists. It's indulging in a facial occasionally. Pretty much anything that makes you feel spoiled rotten is a good start. These were some of my favorite things this month. Make sure you join the email list to see next month's favorites.

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